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Kids Space indoor Play centres can be booked after hours for your own exclusive event

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    You can book the whole venue for:


    Off Peak

    Friday, Saturday and Sunday Nights:

    $700 for 3hours and $100 for any additional hour


    Monday-Thursday nights:

    $550 for 3 hours and $100 for any additional hour


    Peak (Peak times are during November and December)

    Friday, Saturday and Sunday Nights:

    $800 for 3hours and $100 for any additional hour


    Monday-Thursday nights:

    $650 for 3 hours and $100 for any additional hour


    The centre is available from 6.30pm onwards and has a permit to stay open until midnight.


    Please note: there is an extra charge for large groups


    Please note: the centre is not available for teenage, 18th's or 21st Parties


    2 Kids Space staff members are present for the security of our company; however your function leader is responsible for the evening. You need to take control and make sure that all Play Safe Rules are being followed.




    -No running

    -Balls do not leave the ball pits

    -No climbing up slides- only for sliding down

    -No over boisterous behaviour

    -No Flips

    -No climbing on walls of jumping castle

    -Be considerate of all, watching out for any younger children

    -Socks must be warn at all times on the equipment

    -No food or drink is to be taken into the equipment




    Any incidents caused by alcohol are not covered by our insurance. Anybody who is intoxicated / inebriated should not be playing on the equipment. Please remember to drink in moderation.


    There is a maximum capacity of 100 adults and 150 children. If there are more than 80 Children at the function an extra $100 will be charged and an extra staff member will be put into play ground.


    To confirm your booking we need to receive a deposit of $200 within one week of the date that you placed your booking (Not the date of the party).


    If cancellations are made within one month of the party/function taking place, your deposit is not refundable.


    You can change the café tables to suit your needs, however these must be returned to their original positions (number ordered), please refer to our table map on the night.


    Please be aware our staff are available to give you advice and assistance where necessary but they are not there to serve your guests.

    Set up and pack up must be done within your booked time slot.


    A $100 Cash bond must be given to staff at the start of the function. This will be handed back once all your guest have left and the staff have checked that nothing has been broken or is in an unacceptable state.


    You must pay for at least 3 hours. Please be aware that Kids Space closes to the general public at 6pm. We need to clean the centre so that your function can proceed. We will endeavour to have the centre cleaned as soon as possible but after a busy day it may not be ready till 6.30pm. We suggest that you invite your guests to the function at 6.45pm onwards so that you have 15 minutes to set up.


    You are required to leave the centre at the prescribed time. Kids Space will allow 10 minutes to vacate the premises after the function has finished. If you take longer than10 minutes we will have to charge you for the extra time.


    General cleaning is included in the cost of the function (wiping tables, sweeping, mopping).


    We expect party organisers to clean up any mess such as someone is sick or has had an accident in the structure or in the toilets ; this is not included in the cleaning cost.


    It is your responsibility to ensure the function is run in a safe manner. If the function becomes unruly &/or dangerous and you cannot take control then Kids Space has the right to terminate the function at any time and request that you leave. You are still liable to pay for the full amount due.


    Please click here to download, then print out, sign our agreement and return. You are agreeing to all Kids Space terms and conditions and agreeing to stay at the function till all you guests have left.


Kids Space is the ideal place for any function where children are involved.


You have exclusive use of the centre, ensuring that children are in a safe environment and you can relax and enjoy the night.


Kids Space is possibly the largest indoor playground structure in Victoria.


Ever thought of sliding down a 6 meter high slide, racing you friends on the 6 meter high three lane slide, challenge yourself on the vertical drop-slide or simply playing hide and seek in the structure.


All in all, being a "BIG KID" for a night.


Kids Space is a multi purpose venue; which is ideal for after hours hire. It is perfect for:


-School/ Kinder fundraisers or Social nights

-Large Family gatherings

-Special birthday parties

-Sporting club presentations

-Christmas parties

-30th/40th/50th Birthday parties

-Religious celebrations


Kids Space Epping, Hallam, Largest Indoor Play Centres in Melbourne Victoria, great for Kids Birthday Parties.

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